The List

Following is a list of things I want to do, in no particular order.

  1. See the Open Championship, in person, at St. Andrew’s
  2. Be in Amsterdam on Queen’s Day
  3. Watch Independence Day fireworks in Washington DC
  4. Take a train (Amtrak) around the US
  5. Ride in a hot air balloon
  6. Start my own company
  7. Spend a month in Europe with my family
  8. Be a regular at a restaurant/cafe
  9. Golf Pebble Beach
  10. Watch the Grand Prix de Monaco in person
  11. Watch a stage of the Tour de France in person
  12. Take my family on a 3 week road trip in the US
  13. Drive all of Route 66
  14. Drive all of US 41
  15. Take my kids to where we honeymooned
  16. Visit all 50 states
  17. Get to 185 pounds and maintain
  18. Build a house
  19. Own a truck
  20. Become fluent in Dutch
  21. Grow raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries
  22. Have an outdoor kitchen
  23. Have a vacation home
  24. Publish an essay in a peer reviewed journal
  25. See the Northern Lights
  26. Cruise the Mediterranean
  27. Vacation in Aruba
  28. Take Christa to a U of M football game
  29. See the Rose Parade
  30. Take a river cruise in Europe
  31. Never build up more than 2 weeks of vacation (unless it’s for a specific trip)
  32. Go to Egypt
  33. Boat around the lower peninsula of Michigan
  34. Sale in the Caribbean
  35. Pay for my children’s college tuition
  36. See Independence Day fireworks over NYC
  37. Teach a college class
  38. Get a PhD
  39. See a World Cup game outside the US
  40. Attend the Winter Olympics
  41. Attend the Summer Olympics
  42. Cook a 7 course meal
  43. Ride in, and finish, the Hotter N’ Hell 100
  44. See a volcano
  45. Write a magazine article
  46. Own a boat
  47. Pick apple’s with my family at Crane’s
  48. Ride through the Chunnel
  49. Go to Japan
  50. Ride in a helicopter
  51. Take Christa to spend a weekend in Stratford, Ontario viewing theatre.

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