OKC’s Architecture Community

I’d like to ask a serious question of anyone and everyone involved in development in OKC, especially related to all of the great things happening in the urban core.

Why do many of the developers end up choosing out-of-town architects for their developments? I pose the same question for interior design projects, especially restaurants, and for landscape architecture.

I hear that East Bricktown and the Maywood Apartments both are using GTF (Gailer : Tolson : French) from Bedford, Texas. The Level (and other potential projects) was done by a firm AHMM in London (granted, the architect is originally from OKC). The Hill at Bricktown was originally done by a Texas architect, if I recall correctly. Yes, I know that some work has been done locally, mainly by TAP or Brian Fitzsimmons, but that belies the fact that many of the larger recent developments have used out-of-town firms.

So, with that, I leave this poll. Please pass it take it, comment, and forward around! Feel free to tell me I’m grasping at straws, too, if you think that.

NOTE: The poll allows multiple answers (updated post – 13 June 2103).