Where Do We Make Our Home?

We are still struggling with where we should live.

Back in August, we suddenly listed our home with the hope that we could purchase a home in north Oklahoma City, just south of Memorial Road between Eastern and Bryant. Some aquaintances of ours had decided to move to another city and we thought that the house, price, and location were all worth the effort.

Alas, after almost three months and 35 total showings, we never received an offer on our own beautiful home and our contract to buy the other house wasn’t to be. So we’re back in our home for now. All it does is give us more time to dream, wonder, and plan for the future of our family.

Before we sell again, I plan to expand on the history of our house with its own WordPress blog. We’ve researched this house at length – its owners, renters, sordid details, etc. (yes, sordid, a past owner/resident cheated on his wife with his secretary!). We’ve also compiled a list of all of our home’s paint colors and design elements to show the next owner’s what we’ve done. Eventually it will all be posted here: http://516nw20th.wordpress.com/

But back to the topic at hand – where do we make our home?

We still cannot get past our design interests. Not a single developer building homes in the Oklahoma City metro area sells what we’d really like. The closest approximation is the McCaleb Homes Bungalow series, but they also happen to be out on the suburban fringe and priced higher than we’d be able to appropriately afford. Some builders, like Jeff Click, are adding well-designed, contemporary interior features, but their homes are still plain and lack interest on the exterior.

Further, since Oklahoma City has been built relatively flat (2, maybe 3 story commercial buildings are generally the max.), and since older structures aren’t very common, a cool old loft-style home doesn’t appear affordable or doable either. I (maybe we) have dreams of creating an urban loft/flat home for our family somewhere, but it would be difficult to find a quality building cheap enough to turn into our home. It won’t stop me from looking though.

In the end, designing and building our own home may appear the only way a couple of design geeks could truly get what they want. Who knows, by the time we sell this house for certain, we might be at that point.

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